LaTonya wants to visit your school or organization.


Meet, LaTonya Butler, RDH

The Pediatric Tooth Fairy

LaTonya is a Registered Dental Hygienist on a mission to reduce cultural and economic barriers that lead children to dental issues and complications.


“When you have a job that is passionately dear to you, it’s no longer a job. It’s an obligation.” – LaTonya Butler

Mila’s Big Day


Mrs. LaTonya Butler came to visit our first graders. My students got the opportunity to meet an author and learn more about dental health. She explained the importance of brushing our teeth, what plaque and cavities were in a child friendly way. She showed examples of good and bad foods that we consume. I really liked that she had plenty of questions for the children to answer and be more invested in her visit.

– Mrs. Angelica, 1st Grade Teacher

She was kid friendly. She kept 2 year olds attention. My students are 4 and they loved her book. She brought materials for the children to have hands-on experience. She asked questions throughout the book. All teachers thought she was awesome with the students.

–  Ms. Shannon, K4 teacher

LaTonya Butler did a great job catching the attention of the students. She had large props to keep them interested. She had a life sized tooth that the students were amazed with. She talked about and illustrated how to take care of our teeth using toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, food and visiting the dentist. It can be really hard to hold the attention of 4-5 year olds but she did it!

– Mrs. Ann, K4 Grade Teacher

Amazing author sharing a very important and entertaining story…“The American Student Dental Association chapter at UCSF School of Dentistry would love to thank author Latonya Butler, illustrator Ada Konewki, and publisher Parker and Co. Press for allowing us to add their book to our school’s first ever virtual library open to all, focused on dental education for children. Such an informative and sweet read for your kids who may feel a little nervous for a dental visit! We love that this was written by a dental professional and and is both entertaining and informative with absolutely beautiful illustrations! Thank you so much!!

-Esther Moon